About us

Aplitec begins its journey in 2018, with the union of two people from the same family, deciding to combine their skills for its perfect functioning.

The head of production has more than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of glass and quartz products.

Graduated from the Dorian University of Paris, he trained for 10 years in glass blowing and laboratory quartz, working in the private sector (Quartz e Silice, Grupo Saint-Gobain Glass), as well as in the public sector. (universities).

The person in charge of communication and advice, with 22 years of experience in the sector, with a degree in marketing from the European Communication and Marketing Institute in Madrid, is in charge of having direct contact with the client.

Aplitec is the combination of experience, innovation and commitment. The technical experience of one and the creativity of the other mean that there is a unique know-how.

Aplitec meets all the conditions and requirements to serve customers from all areas, caring for a quality impeccable product.